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Those suffering from allergies find acid staining especially appealing and a welcomed change from deep pile carpeting.
Acid stain flooring is virtually maintenance free for a carefree lifestyle. Simply damp mop as needed.
OUTSTANDING DURABILITY:Acid stains surpass all other concrete coatings in terms of resistance and long lasting durability. They will not chip, fade or peel off the surface to which they are applied especially when they are sealed or waxed.
After  2 years of traffic we recommend applying one more coat of sealer for maintenance.
Concrete Staining/Decorative Concrete
Aditional Benifits
*easy to maintain*
COLORS & USES:An artist can create his/her own shade of color by using a mixture of several colors, i.e. green verde, blue-green verde or blue. Our acid stains were developed to decorate patios, building exteriors, drive-ways, garage floors, entrances, living rooms, side-walks, restaurants, entrance ways, commercial malls and plazas. Uses are limitless.
ALL ACID STAIN DISCLAIMERS NOTE:Acid Stain Coloration Systems create translucent color effects, and are not designed to, and will not hide surface discoloration, blemishes, impressions, cracks, markings or other construction variables. We call this character. Every effort will be taken to assure the customer receives the  right color that the customer has chosen, there should be character expected,with any stain or overlay  and welcomed, also inconsistencies  in the color will occur and should be expected. (we call this  character ) and is a wonderful part of the stain process. Extreme is in no way liable for color or character, but will take any steps available to insure customer satisfaction (at extremes professional judgement or opinion)
Acid Stain Colors
    Available in eight colors, Kemiko Stone Tone Stain is the perfect choice for both interior and exterior surfaces. Often used for commercial purposes, concrete staining lends a clean, attractive look to driveways, patios, walkways and entrances. It is perfect for high-traffic areas and is very affordable. Kemiko Stone Tone Wax or Sealer can be applied to further enhance depth of color and provide surface protection. We look forward to assisting you or your client in creating beautiful, durable, and affordable stained concrete projects. Color results may vary.
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Acid Stain flooring and concrete overlays are both ways to bring your home or commercial concrete flooring to life. No longer does your concrete flooring, decks, or walkways need to be dull and boring. Remove your old nasty carpet ,tile,laminate,today! We have the capabilities to bring color, tone, and texture to any concrete floor at some of the most competitive prices around,We Are The Concrete Staining Texas Specialist
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