Concrete Staining~Metallic Epoxy~Pros Texas Sale!  817-683`4124 - Dallas,Ft.Worth.Metallic Epoxy 6.00 Per SF SALE <SALE
Concrete Overlays-Resurfacing   DALLAS- FT WORTH TEXAS
Generally Speaking Anytime We Do A Remodel Project I like To Do An Overlay,Why?
Customers Love Them!!!!    It Makes our Job Extreamly Prestine And Beautiful.
If You Have Had Carpet , Then There Is Tack Strips All Around Your Room, If you Fill Them, They Will Still Be seen As Patches, I like the severe Rustic Look, Others Do Not.
If You Have Had Tile You Surely Need An Overlay, This Will Cover The Entire Surface Of The Floor To Remove Any Uglies There May Be Lurking
Concrete Overlay,Custom Tile Design
Concrete Overlay,Custom Tile Design
Concrete Staining, Fort Worth TX
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